THCLottery #WinBud4Life

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The THC Lottery

  ~ Win Bud, for life ~


420 Jackpot Prizes and Payouts:

1x Winner : $100 Cannabis

4x Winner : $420 Cannabis

420 Jackpot : $5K Grow Op Setup


Gain a chance to win FOR LIFE.

Stay lucky.




  1. Your THC Lottery ticket remains active in our “Pot” until you WIN!
  2. Once you win, your payout will be AAA grade cannabis!
  3. A winner is chosen every time enough money has been entered into the “Pot”



*50% Player Admission Price goes into “Pot”

*Once the “Pot” has acquired funds totaling the value of 1x, a winner will be rewarded, and the “Pot” will reset until the value of 4x has been awarded, and so on.  The “Pot” resets @ 1x after a Grand Prize Winner has been awarded, and the game will continue indefinitely, possibly forever.


***Current Jackpot Statistics:

1x Winner : 1 / 67

4x Winner : 1 / 347

Grand Prize Winner : 1 / 3,334

Check for current Jackpot statistics.


1x and 4x Winner Prizes may include the following AAA-Grade Top Shelf Premium Cannabis products: Bud or Oil or Wax or Rosin or Hash or Plants.


420 Jackpot Grand Prize includes all of the following products: 

4x oz Award Winning CUP OG Bud

50x Guerrilla Glue #4 Plants

25x Sunset Sherbet Plants

25x Herojuana OG Plants

2x 315W LEC

8’ Light Mover Rail System

8’x8’x8’ Vented Grow Tent


2x 4’ Flood Tables

Bluelab pH Meter, Primo PPM Meter, and Nutrients from House & Garden, Humboldt’s Secret, Canna, HydroFarm.


Must be 18 years or older to play.


Must have all valid legal cannabis paperwork to claim prize.


What is your



  ~ Get Lucky, for life ~


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