2017 Current

Q: What is the ideal temperature ?

A: Plants utilize photosynthesis... 

== light + water + co2 = glucose + oxygen

The symbiotic relationship means that if you can supplement your indoor grow with the maximum allowed amount of carbon dioxide, the correct amount of water, and adequate light your room will run tiptop. 

CO2 is very often underestimated but equally important as water and quality of light. 

If running co2, ideal temp should not exceed 85°

If I'm not running CO2, ideal temp should not exceed 95°.  78-80 is the sweet spot. 



Q: What is the best strategy to get them ready for the 5 gallon pots?

A: Transplant them first into a 4"x4"x4" or 1 gal pot, this will encourage root zone development with less risk and slowdown from overwatering.  Once roots are busting thru step up a size or just go straight to 5gal.  Overwatering is a serious issue that we get asked the most difficult questions about. 



Q: In the 300 grower pack, can I choose 3 strains, 100 each?

A: Absolutely. 



Q: So that whole block can go strait into coco dirt (or whatever dirt)?

A: Yes.  Rockwool 1.5-2" cubes are an inert medium and instantly transplant into any medium. 



Q: What type of dirt would you recommend?

A: I recommend not using dirt because of likelihood of overwatering. Transpiration in soil will take 30% longer than transpiration in sunshine #4 mix. Hydroponics and Coco should yield 20 to 30% faster respiration even then sunshine #4.  The faster the respiration the faster oxygen allows the root zone to uptake nutrients, but the faster the plant grows the more likely novice mistakes are to cause permanent damage...



Q: What light cycle should I start on and what should it be at when they are in the 5 gallons?

A: Sunshine mix is closest to soil, and has the most benefits, and requires the least maintenance. Coco also ez.  Both simply run best at 6.0pH



Q: Is hydro as complicated as it sounds?

A: Yes. It is a precise endeavor that allows little room for even minor mistakes or forgetful over/under dosing. 



Q: Which strains contain the most purple, or have the most color? My customers love purple or frosty..

A: We have a new strain you can order from F1 seed. 2017 cup winner. GDPxGrape Ape. $30/solo cup. 12"-14".  For regular purple fem clones, I'd recommend Gelato, Sunset Sherbert, purple Larry og. 



Q: Does it start at 12 on 12 off, and gradually raise to 18 on 6 off.... or am i totally missing the boat?

A: Light cycle = 6on/2off

Here is the detailed article...