Heavy Vegetative Feed Formula (Universal)

2017 Current


420 Heavy Veg Recipe

Can I use this with my grow system?

Use this formula with soil, hydro mediums, soilless mediums, and can be used in many other plant species other than merely cannabis

When to water?

Set watering schedule to every several days or when plants need water.

When to feed?

Feed alternate to every dual part flush cycle to prevent nute build up. 


After entire mixture has been diluted, always pH solution to 6.0

  • Mother plant A&B - 15 ml per gallon.
  • Cal-Mag - 10 ml per 5 gallon.
  • Silica blast - 5 ml per gallon.
  • Hygrozyme - 10 ml 5 gallon.
  • Superthrive - 5 ml per gallon.
  • Drip clean - 0.5 ml per gallon.
  • H202 - 0.5 ml per gallon.
  • Heavy 16 roots - 10 ml per 5 gallon.
  • Golden tree - add recommended dose

Ideal water temperature for growing cannabis should be set around 72°-75°


After you have FED your plants, you will need to FLUSH them with our dual part flush formula.

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