Cataract Kush 22%Δ9

2017 Current

CATARACT KUSH (22% Active THC) ~
THC Plant Backcrossed, originally from Reserva Privado OG KUSH BREEDERS (OG cross with LA Confidential)

~350gm/m2 @ 60 Days

Small although Glorious Finalized bush, the Cataract Kush is an undeniable favorite for couch-lock connoisseurs. Many versions that flood the market have lost potency from genetic degradation, however our seeds have been preserved for several years and backcrossed 6x to exacerbate this strain’s resilient mold and pest resistant qualities. The Cataract Creeper of the OG bunch, it flowers quickly for an indica dominate hybrid OG strain.

OG cross with LA Confidential
General Effect: