Bruce Banner OG (From The Earth)

2017 Current

A smooth new rip thru the bong, absolutely expanding… Slowly rips THC thru my lung bloodline and begins exasperating me for breath, like a sputtering engine thirsty for gasoline. Thank you, From the Earth, to the bottom of my heart!


The hard-hitting Bruce Banner OG is the epitome of hardcore, where the absolute hardest thing about it is simply getting the buds to stop sticking to your fingers and fall gracefully into the bowl!


I feel as though I’m testing a new substance altogether, as Paul Revere surely must have felt testing traded firearms for skins caught while wandering aimlessly thru the dark forest.


My initial inclination is to eat some, so I do.  The fruity pot flavor and heavy hippie grunge potent taste of green heaviness fill my teeth as I attempt to grit past the stickiness into the heart of this leafy good stuff.  This is my daily greens… I can tell that even though I only ate a minuscule amount of bud material, the potency factor will slowly coerce my mind and body coaxing me thru the rest of this evening.


Immediately prior to the enlightening second hit, Hitman #1 begins to rear its engorged head, and I must replenish new thoughts of a lowly simulated slowdown in this CBD laden reality.


As potency meets clarity and taste expands, a silver metallic flavor of spicy bluefin tuna emerges and i feel as though i stuck my head beneath the surface of my fresh water fish tank, only to be pierced by a great Marlin!  

As closer examination reveals, this cannabis eel slithers away into its menial man-made cave, and the musky flavor expands as draw number two undertakes a new mission of lung capacity survival techniques.  I emit emojis as i proclaim Hitman #2 the champ, falling to my knees grasping and gasping the O2 as if the last ever breath has now come and gone.  


Swigging carelessly from my 60-40 Senor Rio anejo plus Limon Pepino Gatorade concoction, I realize that the sweetness is ever complementing of the Bruce Banner earthy musk flavor profile and the complement is complete enough to justify the drool i feel emerging to counteract the cottonmouth from 1130 Artisan’s most recent contribution to the cannabis industry.  One simple question remains in my mind: where are the clones to grow my own?  


And again, we repeat.


The buds break apart flawlessly, with leaves and flowers forming a crystal coated paradise in every clump I pile into this small-yield-focused V-shaped bowl…



Strain Information:

Suggested name - BRUCE BANNER “OG”

Breeder - Unknown

Grower/Extractor - 1130 Artisans

Dispensary Provider - From The Earth, Santa Ana, CA

Date Acquired - 9/15/16

Date Sampled - 9/16/16

Misc Labeling Information - “”


Initial flavor notes: 



Follow thru flavors:



BHO content: None.  Potent Flower Buds only, no extractions applied. 


The stenching of nostrils flare deeply from beyond this mutant OG and each dragon puff brings me to my knees, everytime Puff picks me up soaring on wings of dragons, with gracious satisfaction of every dime.  




inherently pure.

genetically secure.

excellent distribution.




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