Nevada legal cannabis social clubs? Yes, including on Vegas Strip!

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Tourists will soon be able to purchase up to an ounce of marijuana, but will have no social place to use it!


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The reason for the hussle and bussle is that social standards must quickly match local legal regulations!  Here is another article outlining the root cause:

LAS VEGAS — A bill allowing local governments to issue permits for marijuana social clubs has passed in the Nevada Senate.

The bill was mainly drafted for the tourism industry in Las Vegas. Tourists do not have a safe place to use recreational marijuana, which is legal in Nevada, lawmakers said.

Tourists will soon be able to purchase up to an ounce of marijuana, but will have no place to use it. The law that took effect Jan. 1 makes it so people can only consume pot at a private residence.

Not having lounges would cause tourists to bring the drug into casino properties and “dump the responsibility onto the resort corridor,” said Andy Abboud, Las Vegas Sands Corp. senior vice president.

Pot lounges in Clark County would be located on the Las Vegas Strip, Abboud said.

Lawmakers in favor of the bill say the lounges will play an important part in Gov. Brian Sandoval’s two-year budget, which calls for about $70 million from a special marijuana sales tax.

“We’re trying to get $70 million in tax revenue from them, so let’s give them some place to use it,” State Sen. and bill sponsor Tick Segerblom said.


Even online social media and app development have jumped into play:


Mobile Lounge  
Las Vegas NV


More than just a tour, Loopr combines ultra-comfortable mobile cannabis lounges with a convenient and affordable app-based transportation service to deliver the ultimate social cannabis experience!

The ultimate social cannabis experience is launching summer 2017 in time for the start of Nevada recreational sales!

One thing is clear to us @ GoogleWeed: We need to take this experience to all states.

In my opinion and personal life, cannabis legalization has allowed me to quit social drinking and binge "alcoholism" and years prior empowered me to quit smoking cancerous radioactive cigarrettes.

Let us keep progressing, and helping our people.

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