Tissue Culture Lab Tech (420) Staffing Needs

2017 Current

Hello we are UPS420 Labs, a conglomeration of many cannabis grow facilities with a singular logistics system for shipping and transportation.  Our industrial indoor and greenhouse clients are expanding into new territories of scale and paired with UPS420 Labs' position in the cloning industry, our demand for production of tissue culture explants is astronomically off the charts.  When compared to clones, tissue culturing is a relatively cutting edge solution to industrial cannabis expansion.  Demand for perfection progresses towards California's mandatory January 2018 deadline for 420 cultivators to begin their city approved 10A and legally permitted cultivation projects, and everyone on the UPS420 Labs team is gearing up for a brighter and more vigorous future. Since cloning is typically the first stage in the cannabis budding process, investors and cultivators are extremely interested in end-to-end perfection and piggybacking on UPS420 Labs logistics infrastructure for licensed agricultural facilities. The need for permanent solutions to reliability lead scientists, botanists, and robotics automation engineers to focus their attention on implementation of new negative pressure vacuum chamber tissue culturing facilities to supply demand at a national level.  UPS420 Labs stand by legitimate tissue culture techniques as a sustainable system for the future, and a perfected alternative to typical methodology of cannabis cloning.


UPS420 Labs is looking for self-starters and professionals in the following areas of horticultural expertise:

Scientific: Botanists, tissue culture experts, lab techs, chemists

Engineering: Robotics, Automation

Misc: Assistants



1. Must have prior experience with tissue culturing in lab grade environment. 

2. Must have an accredited degree in the aforementioned horticultural fields. 

3. Assistants: Must know someone who has requirements 1 or 2


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