Federal Exemption for Cannabis 420-related Marijuana

2017 Current

Thank you for your interest in qualifying for Medical Cannabis grants and exemptions, and petitioning the federal and state goverments for rightful access to such constitutional rights.

Several key industrial legal advisors to consider when ratifying local city counsels in your area:

Bruce Margolin, Esq., attorney at law, and prominant influencer and cofounder of several MMJ laws, as well as countless important case precendants.   Chris Conrad, primary expert witness, resides in Northern California, however will consider travel when the case at hand demands!  Bill Britt, secondary expert witness, residing in Southern California, and very easy to work with and reliable expert testimony influencial with the San Diego taskforce to convince the city to get ID card programs, and eventually winning with causality. 

To learn about the process of Federal Exception for Research of Medical Cannabis Research of 420-related products and procedures, please contact us at the link below.

To learn about patenting intellectual property and qualifying for medical cannabis research exemptions, as the United States Federal Government has done with US Patent 6630507, please contact us immediately at the link below!


GooglEweed :>- (pronounced Goo-Guh-Lee-Weed or Jigl-E-Weed, depending on how /\ one gets) -<: to clarify any possible confusion ;-)

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