Beyond The Joint…

2017 Current

Beyond The Joint…

Blazing clouds of Starkiller OG, a 2016 Colorado Cup winner, through the midnight dusk canyon aids the feeling of freedom in the woods not far outside my 2nd story patio. As I peacefully draw in the OG smoke perfectly smothered in CBD hemp wrap, the deep woods bake my imagination with whipped cream of wildlife, sprinkles of solidarity, and a tid bit of oceanic breeze.  I thank God everyday for each day’s opportunity at survival, and push away feelings of bleak impending tomorrow to focus on tonight’s newfound organic blunt wrap experience. 

The inhale at mid puff is intoxicatingly expansive, and does not stick to my lungs with the addictive “itchiness” of tobacco wraps burned into my past memories. 

To summarize the juicy flavors and organic hemp wrap-ability, my best advice is to dunk your head into a bathtub full of ice chilled Lime Cucumber Gatorade while wearing vintage pool goggles and staring deeply into the tub floor looking for the gold caps that accidentally spilled in, and remember that unique feeling of frictionless smoothness as hand effortlessly brushes calcified tile.  As the soothing Limone Pepino Gatorade splashes life back into my mouth space, cheer fills my mental crevices and I think back to the process of blunt wrapping…



After cracking open my factory sealed wrap papers, I feel the blistering Nevada aridity beating down upon my THC laden fingers.  My memories briefly rescind to last night’s local Nevadian NEWS broadcast, where the hosts were astounded and applauding the recent rise from 3% barometer reading to a massive spike of 7%.  The slightest Cali boy giggle leaves me but no sound can be heard.  Without auditory indicators, can laughter even exist?  I lick the paper like a cat to a milk bowl, evening the dampness for ultimate flexibility, and I begin to tear the paper.  The tear must be consistent and symmetrical, with no preference to any direction, and with minimal hesitation the hemp paper follows my lead like a seasoned swing dancer performs aerials.  Now with two precisely equal halves, I take the half without a pastey edge and slowly layer it onto the watery condensation of a nearby glass of ice water. This will keep the paper from becoming brittle in this strict desert aridity, and my mind drifts to the fond earthy flavors of the hemp wrap, and I cannot help but reminisce about past tobacco wrap tingling harshness and I feel flushed with overwhelming energetic nicotine.  Pouring my pre-crushed buds into the organic CBD hemp wrap shows promise, and the wrap melds to my slightest touch, and my fingers meticulously weave the hemp paper from left to right.

When compared with traditional tobacco blunt wraps, this hemp paper is much easier to twist into shape. 

After successfully wrapping six “pinner” size blunts in 30 minutes, I begin testing for flavor, potency, and purity.  For me, a more traditional cannabis connoisseur, the flavor of the wrap should not outweigh the flavor of its inner contents.  The hemp wraps offer an organic balance of soothing earthy flavor, slow burning minimalistic delivery, and sustainable puff ability.  From end to end, High Hemp’s organic wraps burned properly and offer a wholesome healthy experience that truly lasts beyond the joint.


Notable Features:

  • -Vegan, 100% Organic Hemp, GMO Free, 100% Tobacco Free
  • -Includes Filter Tips
  • -Includes 2XL Herbal Wraps
  • -Resealable Package




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