How To Get Rid Of Cutworms On Your Marijuana Plants

2017 Current

Cutworms are most damaging to young seedling crops; capable of wiping them out in a single night.  Cutworms are the larval stage of certain moth species.  They have smooth bodies, are about one to two inches in length, gray or brown in color, may sport spots or stripes and will curl up in the shape of a ‘C’ when touched. Can be a serious threath to your cannabis crop because they feed on the leaves of your marijuana plants. On the other hand, this pests is very easy to threat….

Cutworms are shady characters, performing their dirty deeds under the cover of darkness; they are very sensitive to light.  They do their damage by curling themselves around the base of seedlings and chewing through the stems, virtually decapitating your little gems.  A tell-tale sign of a cutworm population is seedling tops appearing on the ground as if having been cut.

Check the surrounding soil of damaged marijuana plants for cutworms by sifting a few inches of loose soil.  Their presence will become known immediately. Cutworms are sly little rolls of covertness.  Consider them the bullies of creepy crawlies, attacking the young and weak.


There are some things you can do at the time you are planting to ward off cutworms. Till your soil to reveal any cutworms. Make sure your garden has no grass and weeds when planting seedlings.

Planting sunflowers near the borders of your garden will serve as a source of attraction for pests like cutworms and keep them away from your marijuana. If you ever see cutworms on the perimeter where your sunflowers are, immediately eradicate them. One way to get rid of cutworms is by drowning in a bucket filled with water and soap or gasoline.

  • A commercial product like Bug Blaster will always to the job.
  • Parasitic wasps and frogs will eat these things up. Mulching your planting site will welcome frogs during the night and they will eat cutworms, as well as all other pests who come out at night.
  • One easy way to get rid of them is by going out at night with a flashlight and simply removing them yourself. You can also sprinkle cornmeal in your garden too. Ants, fleas, cutworms and the like will feast on this but will fail to digest it, which causes them to swell up and die.


– Tops of the seedlings look like they are cut off
– Cutworms appearing as little round gray or brown balls in the soil
– Older plants are titling over and wilting

While cutworms can potentially be damaging to your plant, they are also very easy to remove. Don’t let the suckers kill your precious plants. Get them before they become a problem, or else you can kiss your plants goodbye.

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