Michael Cragin-Notice of confidentiality breach of contract and immediate cease-and-desist notification

2017 Current

Dear Michael ("Mike") Cragin,
I do hope you are doing better, and have re-opened communication with your family, and I so miss our pleasant conversations ;->

As you always told me: "There's enough room in this business for everyone to have a piece."  Just do it without stealing from a 30 year old hard-working family man.


And to you Michael Cragin and your "Associates" at The Clone Guild, CloneGuild.com, Plantman909@gmail.com, mikecragin@yahoo.com, mikecqdna@gmail.com, and any and all other Aliases you use :
This is the official notice from Brendon Kennedy and affiliate organizations to cease and desist immediately all use of content media images phone numbers email addresses address information and any other information illegally gathered from our CQDNA.com, THCplant.com, Portal CRM system, Gmail accounts, Google Voice accounts, and confidential patient databases, in .csv format or other related formats.  

Immediately cease-and-desist using text message broadcasting to illegally communicate with stolen subscriber list contacts. 

Immediately cease-and-desist all communication with patients that were fraudulently communicated with after ending your relationship with our organization.

Further communication with these contacts that were illegally obtained violates federal communications laws.  These are not your subscribers and were never obtained using your systems or portal devices; they communicated with a different organization entirely.  You illegally gained access and copied proprietary confidentially-protected information and are using it to benefit yourself. That is illegal.

Immediately cease-and-desist all communication with every single person on any database list that you gained from organizations that you don't specifically have authorization to use.  

Begin planning to have records associated with every single communication sent to and received from patients that have been illegally communicated with from my database(s).

You signed confidentiality agreements as an outside contractor, we maintain digital copies, off and online, and this evidence will hold up in a court of law.  

The federal penalty for breach of FCC can-spam act is potentially $11,000 per subscriber.  I will take you to court for all 14,000 subscribers that you illegally obtained and/or illegally marketing to.  

You should be aware that additionally using a six digit code ('797979') for text message broadcasting carries even more stringent rules with excessively severe penalties with the FCC.  You are blatantly abusing stolen intellectual property, and worse yet are defrauding thousands and thousands and thousands of people and manipulating their person confidential information.

If you want to start a competing entity go right ahead but do not use my subscriber list. I've taken picture evidence of your site, have cached all your site data onto a secure S3 bucket, and have high-level programmers working diligently to extract additional evidence discovery as we speak. 





Brendon Kennedy


PS: Do it on your own buddy, or rejoin my team under proper channels! 

As you always told me: "There's enough room in this business for everyone to have a piece."  Just do it without stealing from a 30 year old hard-working family man.