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Googl-E-Weed: Vegetative Nutrient Recipe


Vegetative Nutrient Recipe, 420 Efficient Lights, and other stuff

Advanced Nutrients ph-/+

(RTL: Qt@$20, G@$63)

Mother plant A&B

(RTL: Qt@$21, G@$63)

Botanicare Cal-Mag

(RTL: Qt@$21, G@$52

Botanicare Silica Blast

(RTL: Qt@$20, G@$47)


(RTL: $47, 158)


(RTL: $16, 46, 80)

Drip clean

(RTL: $26,41,65)

Nutralife H202

(RTL: $12, 42)


(RTL: $33, 154)


Federal Exemption for Cannabis 420-related Marijuana

Thank you for your interest in qualifying for Medical Cannabis grants and exemptions, and petitioning the federal and state goverments for rightful access to such constitutional rights.

Several key industrial legal advisors to consider when ratifying local city counsels in your area:

Which pot is best for my pot plants?


Which POT is best?

Should I transplant my beautiful clones directly into their final 3 Gallon resting place?

Transplanting causes intermediate, beginner, and advanced growers untold troubles, and incorrect transplantation can immediately slow development and taint potential plant growth. Transplanting initially into smaller pots vs larger pots can help a lot of people avoid common mistakes, which is the main reason I recommend this technique apply to everyone.

Hillary Clinton email controversy

In March 2015 it became publicly known that Hillary Clinton, during her tenure as United States Secretary of State, had exclusively used her family's private email server for official communications, rather than official State Department email accounts maintained on federal servers.