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A 6/2 Light Schedule Could Increase Plant Growth (VERIFIED BY @GOOGLEWEED)

Cutting Edge Reseach NOW TESTED MY @googleweed A 6/2 Light Schedule Could Increase Plant Growth - NOW TESTED MY @googleweed


Many growers advocate the use of an 18/6 light schedule (18 hours on, 6 hours off) while plants are in Veg. However, this may not be the most beneficial light schedule. Switching to a series of 6/2 (6 hours on, 2 hours off) light patterns may increase plant growth while also potentially creating a more stable controlled environment.

While this new schedule may sound risky, it actually comes with a number of benefits.

Googl-E-Weed: Vegetative Nutrient Recipe


Vegetative Nutrient Recipe, 420 Efficient Lights, and other stuff

Advanced Nutrients ph-/+

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Mother plant A&B

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Drip clean

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Which pot is best for my pot plants?


Which POT is best?

Should I transplant my beautiful clones directly into their final 3 Gallon resting place?

Transplanting causes intermediate, beginner, and advanced growers untold troubles, and incorrect transplantation can immediately slow development and taint potential plant growth. Transplanting initially into smaller pots vs larger pots can help a lot of people avoid common mistakes, which is the main reason I recommend this technique apply to everyone.