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Planet Hollyweed Cannabis Geocaching ~ Live 4:20 Fit!

Planet Hollyweed Cannabis Geocaching

Live 420 Fit!

Cannabis geocaching is the process of hiding cannabis amongst the outdoor elements hidden buried in the ground or underneath rocks or inside of a tree trunk or on a hidden seaside cliff or involving a geo-centric field of search criteria. Geo caching occurs even in places that only the DARING few tread!  The reason GEOCACHING IS ETHICAL is because cannabis will always return to the earth, in one way or another!

THCLottery #WinBud4Life

THC Lottery link to cannabis games and prizes

The THC Lottery

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420 Jackpot Prizes and Payouts:

1x Winner : $100 Cannabis

4x Winner : $420 Cannabis

420 Jackpot : $5K Grow Op Setup


Gain a chance to win FOR LIFE.

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  1. Your THC Lottery ticket remains active in our “Pot” until you WIN!
  2. Once you win, your payout will be AAA grade cannabis!
  3. A winner is chosen every time enough money has been entered into the “Pot”