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Tissue Culture Lab Tech (420) Staffing Needs

Hello we are UPS420 Labs, a conglomeration of many cannabis grow facilities with a singular logistics system for shipping and transportation.  Our industrial indoor and greenhouse clients are expanding into new territories of scale and paired with UPS420 Labs' position in the cloning industry, our demand for production of tissue culture explants is astronomically off the charts.  When compared to clones, tissue culturing is a relatively cutting edge solution to industrial cannabis expansion.  Demand for perfection p

The Cannabis marijuana transplant process


The Cannabis marijuana transplant process begins and ends with healthy roots and thick hearty foliage, and these things are not mutually exclusive.  The temperament of your cannabis plant should be resilient prior to transplanting into any medium, standing freely on its own with rooting support fully developed into the medium it has outgrown.  As the marijuana transplant process begins the grower should use pH neutral or 5.5pH gloves (ideally), as handling the root zone area should be done without contaminations from human skin oils and other toxins or chemicals.