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Drinks and Beverages: A New Entry to Best Cannabis Products

Recreational cannabis products have ruled the market for as long as their invention. They have been of great help in leading a healthy life away from day-to-day illness. The perks of cannabis products have been all about the cannabinoids found in the plant. And smoking dried cannabis isn’t the only way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids. You can always use CBD extracts, tinctures, oils, and edibles, right?

To help ourselves live the healthy life that we aspire to, we’ve tried a lot of Cannabis products including CBD oils to tinctures and topicals to edibles. And the results have been satisfying to a great extent. If you are into cannabis and CBD, you might have already tried a wide range of cannabis products. But did you ever consider savoring a cannabis beverage?

Yes, the real beverage with cannabis compounds!


Trust us, the cannabis drinks and beverages are just worth trying. And they aren’t too tough to make. You just need to add cannabis drink mix to you cup of beverage and you are good to go.

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Cannabis Beverages: A Term often unheard!

Cannabis and CBD beverages might be one of the unheard cannabis products but they, most certainly, are not impossible.

Because cannabis edibles are not the only way to enjoy cannabis and its products with a pleasant taste. Grabbing a pair of beverages works just as well. Yes, just as you chew the CBD gummies and jellies to savor on and get your daily dose of cannabis, you can sip a cup of cannabis drink. And trust us, your magic cup of cannabis wouldn’t taste unpleasant and weedy at all. It would rather taste flavorful.


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What is Cannabis or CBD Beverage?

CBD beverages might be a new scene but it has received quite some attention from health-conscious people worldwide. And if you wonder, what is cannabis drink or beverage, just know that any drink that has got cannabinoid contents qualifies as a cannabis beverage.

You can either use CBD oils and tincture to create your customized CBD drink or grab a pack of instant cannabis drink mix. All you might then need to do is to add water or hot milk to the drink mix and your flavorful cannabis drink is ready. Being a leading online cannabis store, Google Weed shelves a wide range of cannabis beverage products including:

  • Chocolate drink mix (chocolate and peppermint)
  • Hot chocolate
  • Ice tea
  • Lemonade (blueberry and strawberry)
  • THC sugar


Benefits of Hangover-Free Cannabis Drinks

Amongst the two most popular cannabis compounds CBD and THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive element. But it would still deliver the health benefits associated with cannabis. THC, however, has mind-altering properties. While consuming any CBD product wouldn’t get you high, THC could cause euphoria when consumed in high concentrations.

CBD may just be one of the many cannabis compounds, but its popularity amongst cannabis users has taken the cannabis market by storm. And the world doesn’t mind using the term CBD and cannabis interchangeably. When someone talks about cannabis beverages, you expect them to discuss CBD drinks. Not that you are wrong. A big fraction of cannabis drinks is induced with CBD beverages. But an equally big fraction of cannabis beverages has significant traces of THC in them too. The following are the benefits of hangover-free cannabis drinks.

  • Quick results
  • Alternative to alcohol
  • Flavourful drinks
  • Just as effective as any other cannabis product


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