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March 9, 2021


There are a few different approaches to burn shatters but the oil rig is by far the most common. In general, an oil rig is a […]
March 1, 2021

The various methods to Consume Shrooms or what we Call Magic Mushroom

Consumption of mushrooms must not be a nauseated experience. Enjoy this psychedelic journey, with the aid of our five best consumption methods. Chew and swallow straight […]
February 15, 2021

Smoking or Vaping

If you’ve come across this post, you’re trying to grasp the big differences between vaping versus smoking. You’re in the right place, let me tell you. […]
February 6, 2021

When is the best time to Harvest your cannabis

When are we going to extract the buds from a cannabis plant? That’s the everlasting question… I’m sure “Not soon enough!” is the answer we’re all […]