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Rolling Papers - using thin paper specially made for weed, or cones, ready made in a circle, fill up your weed from google weed, there you have your favorite joint to enjoy. Rolling papers come in many sizes, regular size, king size, thin, long, short and also come with enhanced flavours to give each joint its own unique taste. Rolling a smoke can be tricky, and it takes time and patience to learn. If you prefer to leave it up to the experts, pre-rolled cones or wraps are a great choice. Simply pack them with your favourite cannabis flowers and enjoy a perfect smoke in minutes! .Some people refer to rolling papers as blanks, joint paper.

Standard size rolling papers (also known as single wide)

  • 1¼" rolling papers
  • 1½" rolling papers
  • Double wide rolling papers
  • King size rolling paper
  • King slim rolling papers

Other Favourite Cannabis Accessories that are a must have are Grinder.

If you prefer to consume your weed the old-fashioned way -- not in oil or edible form -- but don't love the harsh smoke or the inconvenience of rolling papers, try a sophisticated vape pen which delivers incredibly clean hits that maintain the herbal flavor.

You could also try smoking marijuana with a bongs, dab, rigs, pipes. Bongs are intended for dry cannabis flowers via the combustion method of lighting the herb with a butane lighter or matches and inhaling the smoke through the mouthpiece. A dab rig is used as a way to consume vapor from a concentrate using a torch and a nail. Dab Rig or oil rig is used with concentrated waxes and oils.

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