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July 5, 2022
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Edibles vs THC Vape

When choosing how to consume Cannabis, there are many ways. You could eat edibles, infused THC treats such as THC chocolate, gummies edibles, doritos THC, THC candy, THC cookies, CBD gummies, CBD drink, THC drinks. You could also choose to enjoy an old school joint, weed rolled up into a classic joint. Vaping THC pen, disposable pen bring a convenient way of smoking THC juice without the odor. There are many flavours of disposable pen and cartridge with the classic weed flavour such as OG kush, Grand Daddy purple pen, banana kush, Acapulco Gold, Blue Dream, Purple kush, sour diesel, bubba kush, LA confidential, Afghan kush, jamaica pearl, chemdog, to name a few. Nowaday, producers also made THC infused cartridge and THC disposable pens in non conventional flavours such as banana, strawberry, vanilla, fruit punch THC pen, grape thc cartridge, these THC disposable flavours become very popular due to the discreet flavours.

While smoking, vaping disposable pens, THC is delivered through your body then your brain, While eating cannabis edibles travel to your stomach, body then to your brain. Eating cannabis edibles usually will be stronger as the food gets to travel to your stomach and metabolize the ingredients into 11-hydroxy-THC which is 5 times stronger than the regular THC. This ingredient is a water base so it travels through your body faster . Not only that it is distributed evenly throughout your body giving you a whole body buzz and a strong one too. It takes around 30 minutes for edibles to kick in to your body as the body needs to do its job to pass all the ingredients through your stomach. While eating edibles it is important to relax and eat slowly, enjoy the ride, be in a safe place, and get comfortable on your couch. Drink lots of water if you want the effects to pass faster. That is why edibles tend to treat pain, anxiety, calm your body, and inflammation.

Smoking THC pen or CBD pen, THC cartridge is a way of processing THC by going through your lung. While lots of the smoke passes through your lung and into your brain, lots of them escape. Smoking could start kicking in and get you high within 2-15 minutes but it is not as strong as edibles. You could choose sativa for an energetic feel and indica to mellow down.

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