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February 6, 2021
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How to Enjoy Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles

Foods made with cannabis concentrates or flowers are known as cannabis edibles. 

Nowadays, more than ever before, you can find plenty of baked goods, brownies, cooking oils, gummies, etc. that you can enjoy and supply the body with specific amounts of cannabis. Google Weed carry variety of cannabis edibles and we deliver Cannabis Edibles to you within few hours. 

Benefits of Edibles 

Cannabis edibles are popular amongst users who want to enjoy their effects without having to smoke or vaporize them. 

When we consume cannabis through food, it’s much easier and in a way, intuitive because eating and drinking is part of our daily lives.

Still, this doesn’t mean consuming it through food doesn’t have its drawbacks. Since cannabis edibles pass through the digestive system, their effects may need longer to be felt and their potency can gradually increase.

Therefore, with cannabis edibles, the onset is almost always variable. In fact, in some users, it may happen as fast as 20 minutes or so whereas, in others, 3 or more hours are necessary. 

How Long Does the Effect from Edibles Last?

Approximately, the effects are felt and lingering between 4 and 6 hours. When compared to other methods of cannabis intake, this one is considered to be one of the longest-lasting.

Generally, an edible will have the THC and/or CBD mg written on its package per serving, as well as other amounts in milligrams. 

For example, if you have a whole chocolate bar with 50 mg of THC, the dosage you need is 5 mg. That is, you can divide it into 10 pieces with 5 mg each. 

Concerning the ratio of THC/CBD in edibles, it also varies. Edibles that have higher amounts of CBD are considered less intoxicating than the ones with lower or no CBD at all. 

How to Dose Edibles the Right Way?

If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with a small bite mg of THC edibles. Adequate dosage and gradual intake is essential due to the delayed onset and the varying dosages. 

Start with that, wait then before you give a complete assessment of the effects you felt. 

Then, increase the amount if you feel you could consume more.  

What Do You Experience when You Consume an Edible?

When you have time to absorb it, its compounds are then metabolized in your liver. The remaining THC and metabolites go to the brain and heart. 

The compound produced from the metabolism in the liver is called 11-hydroxy-THC and it’s actually more potent than THC and also lasts longer and is more sedating. 

In order to know what to expect from a certain edible, it’s essential to learn how they’re made.

The ones you can find in stores usually contain a cannabis distillate, hashish, cannabinoid crystals, and some fat, for example butter or oil.

What about Making Your own Edibles?

Yes, it’s possible. 

You can make your own butter and oil-infused edibles by mixing them with dried flowers

You submerge them into the fat and bring them to heat. You heat them up slowly to extract the cannabinoids from the plant.

After this, you strain it and use the infused oil in food recipes. The ratio is 1:1.

Though making cannabis edibles at home is possible, adjusting the dose can be a challenge. 

In this case, store-bought ones can be a better option as you have the amounts written on the label. 

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