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Insomnia and Cannabis

Insomnia and Cannabis

Suffering from Insomnia, try cannabis drop with CBD

Acute Insomnia is sleeping problems resulting from a stressful lifestyle, changing or major life event, pain, anxiety and other psychological symptoms . It usually does not improve over time.
When this symptom becomes Chronic Insomnia, it is difficult to sleep at least three nights a week or three months or longer.
Comorbid Insomnia links sleep problems with other medical or psychiatric conditions like chronic pain or depression.
Insomnia affects sleep at the beginning of the night. Tossing and turning, on-going thoughts that keep you up.
Maintenance Insomnia refers to patterns of waking at night with difficulty returning to sleep. Your medical conditions affect sleep patterns and habits, such as pregnancy, manopause, menstrual cycles, changing diet, smoking, obesity, chronic pain, PTSD, and getting older. You could fall asleep but not deep, nightmare makes sleeping not an enjoyable experience.

Try indica strains that will relax your brain and body with CBD, there are many, below are to name a few

Charlotte has a solid Indica with THC: 21%, CBD: 6%, and CBN: 1%. The high CBD offsets the significant THC factor to leave you falling asleep. It is not recommended for daytime use or use while operating machines because of its deep and lasting sedation.
God’s Gift reduces stress before sleeping with its 90% Indica and 10% Sativa with THC: 27% and CBD: 1%. Despite the potent THC/CBD ratio, the cerebral effect is largely dreamy and relaxing. Three puffs into this strain, and you will sleep soon and long.
Granddaddy Purple is easy to find. A classic treatment for pain, it is noted for its rich grape and berry taste flavor. It has 70% Indica and 30% Sativa with THC: 17% – 27% and CBD: 7%. That’s enough THC to give you a euphoric rush, and enough CBD to lock you in place with a full-body relaxing stone.
Critical Mass CBD is a super high CBD Indica-dominant hybrid testing at with 5% THC and a whopping 10% CBD. Effects are powerfully relaxing though not heavy. It lets you unwind and ease into a sleep mode.

There are many strains with heavy indica will aid with sleep and relax your body such as orange fruity pebbles, peanut butter crunch, cotton candy, sfv og, gumbo, blue cheese, moonrock, wedding cake, cookies, animal cookies, Do Si Dos, black domina, bubble gum, cake pop etc

Try THC and CBD drops. which shows therapeutic potential to treat insomnia.

Many people also use magic shrooms, magic mushrooms to aid with sleep. Shrooms are known to relax and deliver deep sleep. A gummy shrooms or chocolate shrooms might be the solution you are looking for.

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