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Marijuana Plants for Sale and Basic knowledge

Marijuana Plants for Sale

Looking for cannabis clones for sale, start-up marijuana plants for sale, you have come to the right place. Here is the detail about Marijuana Plants.

What is marijuana feminized plant?

This is a specially bred cannabis with feminized seeds. The male chromosomes are removed in order to produce female-only plants.
Feminized cannabis is praised for higher production of THC and CBD than male ones.

How to get bigger yield from my cannabis plants?

The genetics of the strain will influence the final results and the yield. You can opt for high-yielding strains, but also make sure you follow the right steps.
This includes providing a higher light intensity and possibly CO2, freeing the plants’ path so that they can grow buds easily, supplying them with the right nutrients (less maybe more), setting the right temperature and humidity, and harvesting the plants in the right way and time.

What are the important elements for a healthy marijuana plant?

In order to thrive, your marijuana plants need oxygen, water, CO2, and light.
Pay attention to the right temperature and humidity, adequate air, balanced PH, and proper drainage system as well.
Although they generally grow without too much help and care, keeping them nourished the right way helps them grow healthy, reduces their risk of illnesses, and speeds up their growth.
And, it may also maximize the yield.

What are the nutrients my marijuana plant needs?

In addition to the light, oxygen, and water, there are other nutrients your cannabis needs for optimal growth.
These are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, and micronutrients (iron and zinc; boron, manganese, copper, chlorine, nickel, and molybdenum).

What is the PH level I need to maintain for my marijuana plants?

Keeping the soil’s PH optimal will ensure the nutrients reach the roots.
For cannabis plants, the recommended acid-basic balance is around 7.
However, even the best soils out there could experience PH imbalance when given too many nutrients. So, be careful-check the PH levels on a regular basis!

When are my buds ready to be harvested?

If you do it too early, you risk lower yield and potency; harvest it too late, you end up creating a sleep medicine batch!
A good rule of thumb is to harvest it when most of its ‘hairs’ have gone dark and curly and the solid bud underneath is clearly visible.
You can also use a magnifier to check the glittery trichomes-their potency is low if they’re glassy and clear.
When they go milky white and remind of plastic, it means they’re mature and have the highest THC and CBD levels.

What is curing cannabis flowers?

After cutting the plant, you need to dry and cure it properly.
This ensures the terpenes and cannabinoids are preserved, as well as the flavor and quality. The curing is done after the drying or the removal of moisture and after the buds’ trimming. You store the finished buds in containers to cease the moisture loss and to keep the aromas and flavors.
Choose airtight glass jars.
The process takes around two to four weeks. The humidity inside the jar should be between 55 and 65 percent.
You can use a hygrometer to measure both the humidity and temperature.

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