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Death Bubba


Green Supreme Budder is strictly sourced from fresh, AAAA+ grade buds to ensure an enjoyable and quality smoking experience. Budder is the epitome of dank if dab form. Budder is Terpene-Rich extracts also known as High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts. Our budder comes in excellent, easy to work with consistency and truly takes the cake when it comes to flavour and potency.

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Death Bubba

Order Budder AAAA Product Online Toronto, Canada

AAAA Budder weed is great. It is the best quality Cannabis variety one can get today. Its high-quality strands force marijuana users to choose AAAA Budder weed and products induced with it over every other alternative. AAAA weed has a good odor and color. Consuming it can produce a potent high in the user.

Budder is a terpene-rich concentrate/extract. With cake frostings like appearance and malleable texture, AAAA budder is a cannabis concentrate similar to ordinary butter. One can use budder in numerous manners with dabbing being the most common one. It is equally popular as a batter and budder across the globe. Of all the varieties, budder extracted from AAAA is particularly popular amongst Cannabis users because of its high quality.

Where to Buy AAAA Budder in Canada?

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