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The various methods to Consume Shrooms or what we Call Magic Mushroom
March 1, 2021
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March 14, 2021
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There are a few different approaches to burn shatters but the oil rig is by far the most common. In general, an oil rig is a glass pipe that looks identical to a bong. Not only does it have a vertical chamber but, it also contains a mouthpiece and a hole where a small nail made of glass or metal is inserted.

Once the nail turns red, use a metal dabber, scoop up a little of shatter, and then dab it on the nail. This results in, the oil-burning instantly, and a thick plume of smoke is generated that you inhale through the rig. Usually, after each dab, you’ll be left with extra oil on your nail. In this situation, you have two options on what you’re going to do about it. You can continue blasting the nail with a torch until the remaining shatter is removed. Or, you can wait until the goop starts clogging your rig. In that case, the pipe can be soaked in alcohol. Boil until all the alcohol disappears. Lastly, scrape the remaining oil and dab it again. The simplest and fastest way to shatter smoke is by using an electronic dab rig.

No rig? No cause for concern. In reality, there are plenty more ways to smoke shatter than one, no rig required. You can fill your bowl with ground-up marijuana, to begin with. Then add a couple of drops of dab to the pot. Keep filling the rest of the pipe with weed, and ignite it when you’re finished. Not only does this keep the open flame from getting into contact with the shatter, but it also stops the THC from being burned before it has time to reach the lungs. If you’re looking for a different choice, there’s

Always the joint. When you roll a joint, add some oil to it. Be sure to keep the shatter away from the ends. Again, you want to avoid the flame messing up with the shatter. And why not in a blunt?

If you’re a new shatter smoker, then those two ways are probably going to be a lot simpler for you. All you require now is a pipe, some papers, weed, and wax. But that isn’t all you can do…

So long as you don’t top off some flower with a bit of shatter, the most preferable way to smoke it out of a bong is by using a screen. Place a screen at the base of the clean bowl of the bong. Then add a little bit of your favorite shatter to the bowl and light it with a standard lighter. For it to burn evenly and continuously you may need to blow on the shatter gently.
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