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February 6, 2021
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Smoking or Vaping

If you’ve come across this post, you’re trying to grasp the big differences between vaping versus smoking. You’re in the right place, let me tell you. Vaping versus smoking weed has become a debate between new smokers and connoisseurs in just the last few years. More conventional smokers always go for what they know and understand, such as a joint, a bong rip, or a bowl. Although many people like the simplicity of vaping because it is discreet, it doesn’t smell too loudly and a new vape brand seems to be released each week.

Phase 1. Pick your Cartridge & Pen

Next, pick your cartridge first. It is in your interest to only purchase from reputable suppliers for the sake of protection and your wellbeing.

Phase 2. Insert the cartridge

Fairly simple, insert the cartridge. With minimal effort on your part, many slide in, while others relate to a particular form of threading. Before attempting to purchase and insert a pod, it is often best to consider the gear you have.

Phase 3. Please activate the Vape

Vapes usually activate in one of two different ways. Either you push a button that starts the heating process, or you simply inhale and enjoy the sweet flavonoids and terpenes. In any case, you will be able to enjoy it once you’ve picked and inserted your cartridge!

So how do Vaporizer Pens Operate?

When you inhale or push the vape-activating button, the atomizer is activated. The atomizer heats up the bud or the oil that causes the vapor afterward. All that’s left is inhaling. When the bud gets atomized it goes through the mouthpiece where it is inhaled by the user.

How do Atomizers function you may ask? In essence, an atomizer is just a heating element and a wick that draws liquids into the coil where they can be transformed into vapor.

You might get too high. As with any cannabis product, if you ingest too much, it is possible to get very high, which is not harmful, but it can be unpleasant (trust me, we’ve been through it!).

Do not freak out if you DO get too high! Just sit back, relax and watch an episode on nature, and ride the waves of the calming voice of David Attenborough talking about the deep seas or the plains of Africa. Definitely don’t reach out for your phone and Google “Help, I got too high. “Request one of your friends to keep you company until the feeling goes away, drink some CBD oil, take a shower (just watch your step!) and eat something sweet and sugary, because sugar actually helps to counteract THC. Some people claim that sniffing black pepper or even chewing on peppercorn will help to minimize the impact of the marijuana effect.

Vaping is low-key and does not smell like marijuana. Vaping is an experience you can enjoy at any time, anywhere with a little scent. The best place to purchase THC vape pens and cartridges is at Google Weed. We carry the largest selection of vape pen, disposable pen, THC cartridge from many companies. The quality stands out and with same-day vape delivery, Google Weed is the best place to shop for all online vape products.

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