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When is the best time to Harvest your cannabis

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When are we going to extract the buds from a cannabis plant? That’s the everlasting question… I’m sure “Not soon enough!” is the answer we’re all thinking.

Unfortunately, harvesting at the correct time is just as critical for us impatient farmers as to how you grow the plant. Too early to harvest and you don’t get the results that you hoped for and you end up losing cannabis yields; too late and you can end up making a batch of sleep medicine.

These six buds are in the window of the harvest. Buds are primed, once most of the “hairs” are darkened, curled and the firm bud can be seen beneath. The trichome heads become milky white when their buds are mature. They almost look like plastic. The highest levels of THC and CBD are shown by these white trichome heads. White trichome heads turn into amber/golden when given more time (for most strains). Amber trichomes have less THC but produce more calming effects/body and anxiety.

Short Summary: The buds are ready to harvest when the hair is darkened and curly, exposing the firm bud underneath. Harvest buds on the early side form more of an “up” mental/psychoactive effect (trichome heads appear milky white under a magnifier). The white trichome heads continue to become amber/golden if the buds are allowed to continue maturing. The more the number of amber trichomes, the more buds create a “down” body/couch lock effect. This bud with all-white trichomes has reached the optimum level of THC/CBD. Wait a week or two for the trichome heads to turn amber/golden in order for a more calming effect.

It is recommended that you flush your cannabis plants in the last week or two before harvesting if growing in soil or coco and for at least a few days to get the best taste.

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